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Rize: The City of Glacial Lakes

Just a few days after returning to Antalya from this year’s Kaçkar backpacking trip, I came across a book called “Rize: The City of Glacial Lakes”.  The book catalogs 145 glacial lakes in the Province of Rize with a name, … Continue reading

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Wrapping up Hokkaido: snow and food again

I can’t write three blogs about skiing in Hokkaido without commenting a little more about the snow.  Before coming I had really wanted to experience the deep fluffy powder that Hokkaido is famous for.  We definitely found it right at … Continue reading

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Hokkaido onsen: stay, soak, ski, and eat

Food is a great reason to travel to Japan.  When I was talking to Peter about this trip deciding whether to come, one thing I really liked was their decision to stay in onsen (hot springs resorts) where breakfast and … Continue reading

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A low snow year in Hokkaido

Skiing in Hokkaido, finally!  About 15 years ago in Boulder, Kurt introduced me to Keiichi, a visiting astrophysicist from Japan.  We skied together that season in the Colorado backcountry on horrible snow.  Keiichi was the best telemark skier I had … Continue reading

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Karaman to Antalya, hunting for beautiful mountain scenery

Certainly one of the highlights of this three-week tour from Kayseri to Antalya was the fairly flat section called the Karaman Plateau.  It was rolling hills with great views of mountains to the north and south.  I thought the section … Continue reading

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