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Flowers (and fish?) in Orange County

Continuing on the flower theme and even specifically orchids we visited Sherman Gardens a couple times near my parents’ house.

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Tijuana and San Diego (and how to use the Tijuana airport from the US?)

Tijuana’s airport is right on the US border. Here’s Ferda just across the street from the Tijuana airport with the US-Mexico border fence behind her. For years I’ve wondered why they don’t make it into a multinational (or whatever the … Continue reading

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Flowers on the Carrizo Plain

As I mentioned in my last post, it rained a lot this year in California. There was chatter about the “superbloom” and not surprisingly a lot of flower tourism. Ferda, my Dad, and I took advantage and visited the Carrizo … Continue reading

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Flowers in the Coachella Valley

Wow, it was a really wet winter in southern California this year. If you’re thinking hot, dry, brown Mojave Desert, well, these photos will surprise you. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the desert this green before.

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Across the Pacific… to Los Angeles

Of course if you come all the way to Los Angeles, you have to visit

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