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Art, history, and rain in Mexico City

In Mexico an Indian nut is a cashew.  In Turkey an Indian nut is a coconut.  In English turkey is both a bird and a country.  That same bird in Turkish also means India.  If you feel cheated by wasting … Continue reading

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A short sea kayak tour in Kekova

Turkey ought to be full of super places to sea kayak.  It probably is.  Look at a map of the SW coast, and you’ll see endless coves and peninsulas.  There is, however, little sea kayaking actually going on.  This seems … Continue reading

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A summer jaunt up Tunç Dağı

My first walk up Tunç was last April with Cemalettin, Ahmet, and Mehmet.  We had a casual pace on the snow and took 4.5 hours to reach the summit.  About a month (or two?) ago Ferda and I walked up … Continue reading

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