Bicycle touring Dedegöl Dağları (mountain eye candy)

I had been to Dedegöl once before, with Özgür in the winter.  We went in from the north side, from Melik Yaylası.  I had heard people talking about the camping and climbing area on the west side of the mountain, Kuzukulağı Yaylası, but I had never been here before.

Uh, wow, it’s amazingly beautiful.  I crossed the Köprü Çayı at Yanık and after an approximately 630m climb, the road topped out, and I came to this view:

IMG_20200603_142934 by bryandkeith on flickr

The road I took got steep after Eldere, and I had to push the bicycle for about half an hour.  I learned later that the easier way is to take the right turn about 4km passed Yanık (on the road to Eldere).  There’s a good road to the left, but you want the smaller road to the right.  You have to cross the creek (no bridge).  The road is poor for the first ~500m and leads straight to the yayla.  It’s the route that most cars use.

Taking that route you’ll miss this section of road:
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Roman ruins bicycle touring: Sia, Milyos, Kremna, Adada

For at least a month (two?) I’d been planning on a bicycle tour from Antalya — practice covid 19 social distancing by going from village to village, staying away from big cities.  I even had one false start when I packed up, left Antalya, and turned back due to (not unexpected) equipment problems.  Then there was a heat wave, followed by a four-day stay-at-home order.  I’ve been on the road two weeks now, and things are going well.

My goal for the first week was to get to Dedegöl (Aksu, Isparta) where I’d meet some friends for a few days of camping.  They were coming by car.  I had a week to get there by bicycle.  My route strung together some Roman ruins that I hadn’t been to before: Sia, Milyos, Kremna, Adada; just like it says in the title. 🙂

I left Antalya in the afternoon and had views like this a couple hours later:

IMG_20200529_161538 by bryandkeith on flickr
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The ancient city of Phaselis

The ancient city of Phaselis is just down the road from Antalya.  I’ve been there a bunch of times, but I’ve never written a blog about it.  Maybe ’cause I’ve never been there by bicycle?  The site is used more as a beach hangout than to explore the ruins, but of course you can do both.  The photos that I’ve managed to find for this post are from visits with Bektaş, Seda, and Defne in October 2015 and August 2019.  Be warned that Phaselis gets very crowded on hot weekends and has a pricey entrance fee (36tl/person in 2019).

There are remains of an aqueduct:

DSCN9566 by bryandkeith on flickr

some walls:
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A walk in the snow at Davras

Yesterday I got a message from one of my Nepal cohorts saying it was the day we were scheduled to be at 5800m.  Instead I’m at home in Antalya, and I keep finding more old photos to help me remember what it’s like to be wandering around in the snow or, heck, to be outside at all!

The two closest ski resorts to Antalya are Saklıkent (I skied there once and biked there once) and Davras.  Saklıkent is quite a lot closer by distance, but because the road is so curvy and you have to go over a pass (down and up again) to get there, it doesn’t take a lot longer to drive to Davras near the provincial capital of Isparta.  I tried skiing at Davras once: Guillaume, Megan, and I drove up on a weekday, but the lifts were closed (supposedly) because of wind.  We had failed to be prepared enough that day to skin up the mountain so we visited the ancient city of Sagalassos instead.

These photos are from a short walk I did at Davras about five years ago with one of the outdoor groups in Antalya.  It was quite a casual day, but, as is very clear with the current covid 19 stay at home restrictions, it’s always good to get out.

DSCN8249 by bryandkeith on flickr
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A (pathetic) Gömbe summit attempt

After Aladağlar and Kaçkar, I had some training days planned in Antalya for a little more mountaineering before Nepal.  One of my ideas was to revisit Gömbe between Elmalı and Kaş.  Well, Sars-Cov-2 didn’t only cancel my Nepal trip, but it’s also keeping me from getting out to nearby mountains as well.  As an alternative to actually going to the mountains, I found some photos of my very frustrating attempt to climb Gömbe about five years ago.

DSCN8279 by bryandkeith on flickr
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