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Roman ruins bicycle touring: Sia, Milyos, Kremna, Adada

For at least a month (two?) I’d been planning on a bicycle tour from Antalya — practice covid 19 social distancing by going from village to village, staying away from big cities.  I even had one false start when I … Continue reading

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The ancient city of Phaselis

The ancient city of Phaselis is just down the road from Antalya.  I’ve been there a bunch of times, but I’ve never written a blog about it.  Maybe ’cause I’ve never been there by bicycle?  The site is used more … Continue reading

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A walk in the snow at Davras

Yesterday I got a message from one of my Nepal cohorts saying it was the day we were scheduled to be at 5800m.  Instead I’m at home in Antalya, and I keep finding more old photos to help me remember … Continue reading

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