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Current plan and whereabouts:

November 2013. I’m in Antalya. I could be convinced to go on a bike tour somewhere in Turkey (or elsewhere?), but I’m not motivated enough to go by myself. Friends are coming from the US to ski tour in the east in March. Will I leave Antalya before that?


One of the harder aspects of being away from home for so long is that I miss family and friends. I remember about 17 years ago meeting Claudia and Fraser in Hanoi. They were cycling around the world and were the big inspiration for my first long bicycle tour (in the Middle East and Africa). Fraser said all he really needed to keep going was one evening in a pub back in Britain with his mates. That would give him the reassurance that his friends still loved him and that nothing really had changed back at home.

Communication is easier now with ubiquitous internet access, but a real connection to home is far more satisfying and fun that passing bits through cyberspace. So, come cycle with me. Don’t worry if you’re not fast. I’m happy to go slow. In fact, I usually go pretty slowly. Kurt and I pedalled together in Turkey in February, and I was working to keep up with him!

I did a four week cycle tour in Holland in summer 2010 where we pedalled about 30 km/day on the flats. That’s short enough daily distance that almost anyone can ride it and enjoy. Gertjan and Jacqui have thrown out the idea of visiting with Mateo. In that case we’d be towing a small child in a trailer and make sure we visit plenty of kids things to keep him happy (whatever that means). Ok, I’m out of my league here pretending that I know what to do with a small child, but the point is I can modify my itinerary for a few weeks to do something fun with you. Think more about touring than cycling.

The above itinerary is just an estimate so don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail if your place and dates are close, but don’t exactly match what I’ve posted here.

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  1. julie woodward says:

    Hi Bryan,
    You quite possibly don’t remember me; we met years ago. I am a friend of your mom and dad’s. We went to China together, long ago. At any rate, I’ve known about your travels and adventures for a long time, and I’d love to keep up with them this next year. If you would add me to your list, I would be very grateful. I very much enjoyed reading
    your blog on Sicily.
    I’m sending you and Sneki warmest wishes for a safe and wonderful adventure.

    • Bryan Keith says:

      Hi Julie,

      Well, I don’t have a list, but I have a blog. Oh, you found it! ­čśë You can subscribe with the Subscribe options on the right side of the page.


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  3. Gary Forbes says:

    Hey, Brian:
    Some of us old guys want to follow your travels. Sign me up to ride along with you.

  4. Brendan says:

    Hey Brian:
    Keep the journals and photos coming! Us working stiffs really appreciate it! Have fun man!

  5. Manfred Papperitz says:

    Hallo Brian!

    Wir haben uns bei Dresden kennengelernt und ich verfolge im Internet Deine Radferntour quer durch Europa, einfach fantastisch! Gro├čes Kompliment!

    Ich bin im Sommer an der Donau von Regensburg (Germany) bis nach Wien (├ľsterreich) mit dem Fahrrad gefahren und nun fahren wir Ende August zum Bergwandern in die Karpaten (Hohe Tatra)

    Liebe Gr├╝├če und alles Gute auf Deiner weiten Reise!

    Manfred (von einem Bier aus Kreischa)

    • Bryan Keith says:


      Hope you had great weather in the High Tatras. That area seems better for hiking than bicycle touring. There’s always more to see. Did you see my post with the photo of you?! ­čÖé


  6. Hi Brian,

    What a great idea inviting people to join you on your ride. We’ve loved having people ride with us from time to time. All the best with your continuing adventures.


  7. Kelly MacLennan says:

    This is Kelly MacLennan. I know your parents and cousins. Looking forward to meeting you and your siblings one of these days. Sandy had told me about your great travel blog so I looked it up and I love the pictures and hearing about your adventure. Looks like you’re having a great time and seeing some wonderful places. Enjoying from afar and wishing you safe and smooth travels.

    all best, Kelly

  8. Jeff Kreck says:

    Bryan – amazing pictures that you posted on flickr! Loved the ones of the winter roadways. What great adventures! My brothers and I grew up with your mom and Jenny. Clem was my hero – I see that you got his adventure gene! I just discovered your Blog and I’ll be following along in spirit. Thanks for sharing!
    Jeff Kreck
    Carson City, Nv

  9. fatih says:

    Many thanks to your offer.Now we live in Van.I am going to Malatya.May be we can see again in Malatya.I look forward to you.Best wishes.

  10. FAT─░H says:

    Selamlar dostum ┼čimdi malatya’day─▒m senin maceralar─▒n─▒ okuyorum.Tekrar g├Âr├╝┼čmeyi umut ediyorum.Ba┼čar─▒lar FAT─░H ├ç─░FTL─░K├ç─░

  11. Boris Vladusic says:

    Hey Brian
    I`m from Belgrade and I`m planing a tour trough parts of eastern Turkey and Iran from august till mid october. I should be in Erzurum by mid august and plan to cycle 2-3 weeks in the east before continuing to Iran. I was thinking on going south towards lake Van and then up again next to Mt Ararat and the border crossing. But that`s just an idea. Let me know if you think we could work something out.

  12. Matt says:

    Hi –

    We’re in Erzurum right now (been here for 4 days) and about to head into Iran. We’re cycling from the UK to Australia.

    Are you about ni Erzurum? Love to catch up and have a chat if you are!



    • Bryan Keith says:

      Hi Matt,

      Sorry to miss you. I’ll be leaving Bor├žka (Artvin) on Thursday, I think, and heading to Georgia. Enjoy Iran. Wish I could get a visa (US passport).

      I looked at your blog quickly and tried to subscribe. What’s the url for the rss feed?


  13. Yahya says:

    Let’s meet in Dagestan via the Georgian military highway!

  14. Sne┼żana says:

    It seems like you will never leave Turkey. Are you sure you don’t work for CIA? ­čÖé
    In any case, wish you good luck with your new plans.

  15. Din├žer says:

    Hi Bryan,

    Deniz (Iren) told me about you. I will be touring between 1-6 July in northeast Turkey, around rize-hopa-batum. I don’t have a rigid plan but I want to see the ice lakes on top of the mountains. I saw that (from your maps) you are well experienced in that region. We can talk more about it if you want to join me. In any cases, I’m open to your advices.


    • Bryan Keith says:

      Hi Din├žer,

      Well, 6 days is very short for that area. Many of the roads that head inland from the coast are big climbs so to do something interesting takes some time. I’ll warn you that the coastal road, although fast, is not interesting. It’s just building after building, riprap on the seashore, and heaps of traffic.

      However, inland in Artvin, Rize, and Trabzon is probably the most beautiful part of Turkey that I’ve seen. A super, super route was from Posof (Ardahan) to Kemalpa┼ča (Hopa) along the Georgian border. I describe it a little here. You could also try the road from Arhavi to Y├╝ksekova (Yusufeli) and come back to the coast via Bor├žka (perhaps directly to Kemalpa┼ča). A less comitting route in Rize is through the yaylas above ─░kizdere. There are lots of roads up there, and the Rize tourist office puts out a decent map (I’ve seen it once, but I don’t have it).

      I’m curious to hear what you end up doing. There are some good routes in Trabzon, G├╝m├╝┼čhane, and Erzurum as well. I’m thinking of heading back to Erzurum this summer.


  16. FAT─░H says:


  17. Andre says:

    Hi Bryan, you’re still cycling in Turkey? Whereabout and for how long?
    I am in Lebanon and thinking of joining you.

  18. Peter Smith says:


    An Alaskan friend is considering a backcountry ski trip to Turkey this season that we may join. It would be good to get your opinion on such a trip. I’ve misplaced your email, could you email me or check your facebook messages.

    Best wishes



    H─▒ my best friend,how are you?─▒ hope you are well.I am interested your adventures.I went to Georgia.It is very beaituful country.I like very much.Ha├žapuri is very delicious for me.I vant to go to mount Demavend in Iran this summer holiday.It can be difficult.With my best wishes for your all travels.

  20. Shimshon Rapaport says:

    Greetings Bryan,

    I’m not sure if you remember me. I volunteered with you during the summer of 2011 at the Boulder Creek Festival petitioning to protect the Greater Canyon Lands in Utah. You were telling me how you were planning for a very long bicycle trip and that has inspired me to adopt a similar goal to spend years cycling around the world. Now that I finally finished my undergrad in math at CU. I hoping to spend the next couple of years saving up money for this dream adventure. Given that you have been an inspiration in this vision I would be very interested in cycling with you.

    My family lives in Jerusalem, Israel/Palestine. I am heading back to visit them for 3-4 weeks for the Jewish Passover holidays. Given that you are in Turkey, I wanted to invite you to join me in Israel if you like. We can do some cycling and visit some wonderful places. I lived in Israel/Palestine for 15 years and highly recommend visiting. I can accommodate you at my families residence in Jerusalem and we can venture/cycle (Dead Sea, Kineret, birth place of Jesus in Bet-Lehem, old city of Jerusalem, Jaffa, Ramallah, etc.) together around the country. I am also thinking of swinging by Jordan for up to a week during this visit for some recreational travel (maybe Petra, Amman, etc.).

    Let me know if are available and interested in meeting up in Jerusalem. I am also thinking that I might be able to swing by Turkey to cycle with you (which is mildly possible).

    Anyhow, thank you for inspiring me and I wish you safe, easy and wonderful travels. God bless and best regards.

  21. Jury says:

    Hello Bryan,

    It ─▒s son great to see your blog l─▒terally days before I head up to the NE of Turkey for my f─▒rst real b─▒g cycle tour. Not sure what I am gett─▒ng myself ─▒nto but I w─▒ll see what happens. I am ─▒n Olympos at the moment and plan to take the Bus from Antalya to Trabzon to r─▒de the coast then head ─▒nto Yusefel─▒ and do some trekk─▒ng before head─▒ng to Kars f─▒n─▒sh─▒ng ─▒n Van to take the bus across the heat wave that ─▒s the center of Turkey to Cappadoc─▒a. If you are ava─▒lable I would love to meet up and p─▒ck your bra─▒n. Maybe you could save me some troubles or tell me I am crazy. No number but I am very reachable by email.

    Any way I hope I hear back. Cheers

    Jury JRK

  22. vahid altin says:

    hi im vahid altin you see me of turkey on road by bik Fallowing to facebook vahid altin

  23. Louis Tate says:

    Hi Bryan,

    I am planning a cycling trip from Prague to Istanbul this summer, taking in the Carpathians through Romania. I am struggling to find existing routes however your route looks ideal, would you be able to give me more details on the route you took so I can try to do it too.

    Thanks, Louis

    • Bryan Keith says:

      Hi Louis,

      Well, I don’t have any much more information about the route than what’s on this website. Obviously, you can read the posts that I’ve read about the Carpathians which name some of the cities, towns, and places that we visited. There is this map that I made after the trip:

      We didn’t have any set route before we started the trip. We bought maps along the way and made route decisions as we went. The biggest pain for us was the length of time we were allowed to stay in Schengen (a total of 90 days in any 180 days to visit 26 countries; that’s, what, 3.5 days/country!). I had used a bunch of that time in Germany, Czech, Austria, Slovakia, and Poland. Ukraine, Romania, and Serbia aren’t in Schengen so the longer we spent in those countries the more time we had in Schengen later (essentially Greece for our trip).

      If you want, I can send you the kml file that I used to make the above map.

  24. kerem says:

    Hello B!

    I wonder if you’ve seen the map above; I think it makes an excellent cycling route for investigation! I myself planning such a one next bayram.

    Following your posts and great pictures,
    Kerem, Istanbul

    • Bryan Keith says:

      Hi Kerem,

      Thank you for pointing out that map. I hadn’t seen it before. It definitely looks like it could give some good route ideas. I like visiting the old karvansarai, and I especially like the bridges. There are so many opportunities for great touring in Turkey.

      Ersin Demirel also has lots of good route ideas:

      I used some of his information last year.

  25. Jeffrey Anderson says:

    Hey Bryan,

    I’m a slacker! Should have asked to join many years ago… Taking good care of your shelves in the event you ever want them.

    I miss you a lot! And I am riding a LHTer now as a commuter. Just built it this spring.



  26. Filipe Palma says:

    Bryan and Ferda, really nice to cross with you in Idanha-a-Velha. This is a beautiful part of portugal.

    Keep enjoying the Zona Raia of portugal and Spain.


    • Bryan Keith says:

      Hi Filipe,

      Yes, we enjoyed meeting you as well. Maybe you’ll come to Turkey again for another bicycle tour! We’re finally back in Antalya after a wonderful two months in Portugal. You’re right, that is a beautiful part of Portugal. From Segura to Benfeita via Idanha-a-Velha, Monsanto, Pa├║l, and Pi├│d├úo was a fantastic part of our tour.

      What’s the name of your bicycle tour company in ├ëvora? I googled but couldn’t find anything.


  27. Geoff Allard says:

    You probably donÔÇÖt remember me. . . Shakeys, Lampost, Birraporettis. Chilis, Bilbos, Lakers, emphasis on Shakeys, Lakers. Who remembers that? I am biking around New England for the fifteenth consecutive year. I do forty a day (not malt liquor) in different areas in New England, especially this time of year. Going from Sagamore to PTown on Saturday with a group. You inspired me to bike back in the day (Boulder and SoCal) and am still going. We both turn fifty this year -keep the updates coming. Cheers Bryan.

  28. EYBERT-BERARD Shams says:


    i’m french and i really to konw more about your skitrip in van lake. I’m a hight ountain guide and i want to go there with my wife soon !
    i would like know more about permission


  29. Theo says:

    Hi Bryan,
    we met yesterday on the road. I enjoy browsing your blog and also had some laughs. Since you dont even have your email on your page (or I am just too stupid to find it). I leave you a comment.
    Keep on riding

  30. Andrius says:

    Hi Bryan,
    First of all – AMAZING blog. I live in Antalya at the moment also so reading your posts was fresh view what can be done around here. I saw that you did a lot of mountain climbing in Antalya region and I have some questions about it, so nooooo pressure but by any chances we can chat on email about that?

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