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To the summit of Güllük Dağı, Termessos, again

This is another of Semra’s, Bülent’s, and my covid day trips. It was on this excursion that we looked across at Darım Dağı and decided to climb it a week or so later. On this day, however, our goal was … Continue reading

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The ambar at Sinan Değirmeni

A few days ago when heading up to go skiing at Saklıkent, Seb decided to take the road via Sinan Değirmeni. Down at the creek we turned left instead of right, and I mentioned I had never been on that … Continue reading

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The pools at Tastaratacağı

which may be called Çimelik: In Yılmaz Sevgül’s Antalya trad climbing book

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Karadağ Tepesi (Kargı, Bucak) with Semra and Bülent

When heading north on the main highway from Antalya to Isparta (to go to Kapıkaya or Dedegöl, for example), there are lots of stunning cliffs, mountains, and ridges visible on the right (east) side of the road. I’ve been on … Continue reading

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Darım Dağı (aka Göktünek Tepesi) with Semra and Bülent

Whenever I go up to Termessos, I look north and admire the steep south face of Darım Dağı. It’s first visible from the kind of steep switchbacks so if you’re feeling lazy and want a rest, you can use the … Continue reading

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