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Bozburun Dağı with Özgür, Philipp, and Ferda

Bozburun Dağı at 2504m is the highest peak that we can regularly see looking east from our apartment in Antalya, and I had never climbed it. (On very clear days we can see higher stuff even farther to the east, … Continue reading

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Olaf deep water soloing in the center of Antalya

Nothing new here. I’ve written about the deep water soloing that I do in Antalya at least twice before. This time, it’s Olaf. The other difference is that I took these photos, probably the best falez photos that I’ve taken … Continue reading

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SUPing in Antalya

Ferda and I first saw a stand up paddle board when we took a canoe out in Newport Bay on the day before Christmas in 2015. Just a few months after that, our friend Olaf brought a couple SUP to … Continue reading

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Çaltepe to Kuzukulağı Yaylası via Zorzela, by bicycle

As I hoped, I really did manage to restart the route that was unexpectedly cut short above Köprülü Kanyon. I had a short break in Antalya, and then Ahmet arranged a ride for us to Çaltepe so we could start … Continue reading

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Antalya-Adam Kayalar dumbbell bicycle tour

Really? For the third time in a row I’ve left Antalya with a nice route planned only to return to the city unexpectedly early. It wasn’t covid this time — just an oddly urgent 15 minute meeting that I took … Continue reading

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