Mojave Desert bicycle tour: Palm Springs to Baker

Just like the Colorado Plateau bicycle tour that I posted on this blog a couple months ago, I rode this route over a decade ago, specifically Nov-Dec 2007, when I was living in Boulder. I had previously published the text and (unedited) photos, but good luck finding them (not that anyone finds this blog either :)). The text I’ll post unedited. I did a little work on the photos.

Let’s go:

I (first) biked through Death Valley in October 1996. It was 109°F (43°C) at Furnace Creek. The area is beautiful, but it was way too hot at that time of year. I knew I wanted to come back on my bicycle when it was cooler. This year (2007) it worked out to take about 3 weeks after Thanksgiving. I ended up spending 18 days to cycle from Palm Springs to Las Vegas. I spent about half of that time in Death Valley NP. In Baker I met a group of cyclists on racing bikes with a support vehicle. They were cycling from Palm Springs to Las Vegas in 2 days. I saw a lot more desert than they did.

20071126114221-bryan by bryandkeith on flickr
looking down at Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley
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To the summit of Güllük Dağı, Termessos, again

This is another of Semra’s, Bülent’s, and my covid day trips. It was on this excursion that we looked across at Darım Dağı and decided to climb it a week or so later. On this day, however, our goal was to get to the top of Güllük Dağı. I had been there before, but it was the first time for Semra and Bülent. What this meant was that I was supposed to sort of act as the guide, but finding the best way to get through all the bushes in the gully between the old Roman baths and the base of Güllük mountain isn’t really all that easy. We ended up with a bit of bushwhacking on the way there and found a cleaner route on the return — sort of what happened to us on Darım a week or so later. 🙂

Here’s the Termessos theater looking straight across at it. We’re moving away from the theater and are in the middle of the aforementioned bushwhacking section.

IMG_20201027_100536 by bryandkeith on flickr
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The ambar at Sinan Değirmeni

A few days ago when heading up to go skiing at Saklıkent, Seb decided to take the road via Sinan Değirmeni. Down at the creek we turned left instead of right, and I mentioned I had never been on that road before. “Wow,” he asked surprised, “you’ve never seen the ambar at Sinan Değirmeni?” Indeed, my one time in that area before, I had turned right and headed toward Güzle not knowing that there were a bunch of old wooden grain storage buildings (ambar) just a couple hundred meters above the road junction.

IMG_20210128_105808 by bryandkeith on flickr
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The pools at Tastaratacağı

which may be called Çimelik:

Caner took this photo on a nice sunny day a week after we went by bryandkeith on flickr

In Yılmaz Sevgül’s Antalya trad climbing book

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Bicycle touring the Colorado Plateau, part four: the Abajos, Needles, and Lockhart Basin

Continuing (north) from my hiking adventures in Cedar Mesa, this is the last installment about my month-long bicycle tour from the Chama River to Moab in Apr-May 2009:

Farther north I hiked in Hammond Canyon from a trailhead in the Abajos and then in upper Salt Creek Canyon from the Cathedral Butte trailhead. I admired a ~20 room Anasazi site in Upper Salt Creek, but I didn’t make it down all the way to the famous pictograph, All American Man. This whole area is so spectacular. I could explore it for months.

Hammond Canyon, Abajo Mountains, UT by bryandkeith on flickr
Hammond Canyon, Abajo Mountains, Utah
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