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Skiing road trip last stop: Niğde

In hindsight when Seb and I left Nemrut Dağı we should have driven southwest via Adıyaman and Adana. At the time, however, our tentative plan had been to spend the last weekend of our ski trip at Erciyes (near Kayseri) … Continue reading

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Five winter days in Aladağlar with İsmet and Alper

Training for Nepal, part one. I wanted to call this post “skiing in Aladağlar”, and, well, the week started with skiing, but it didn’t end with skiing. I took an overnight bus from Antalya to Niğde and arrived at Recep’s … Continue reading

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A week in Aladağlar, scrambling and climbing

Perhaps the mountain that I hear Turks talk about the most is Demirkazık.  A few weeks ago in the Kaçkar Mountains when someone was trying to convince the leader that he had enough experience to attempt Verçenik, he said that … Continue reading

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Backpacking in Aladağlar

To celebrate the end of Ramadan I met Sabiha at the dolmuş/ilçe bus station in Niğde for a week of backpacking in Aladağlar (sometimes translated as Crimson Mountains; maybe a couple of the photos will show why).  It was an … Continue reading

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