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Trekking the Kaçkar at Verçenik

Wow, the Kaçkar Mountains are absolutely stunning.  I’ve biked through the Kaçkar, come skiing twice, and hiked to the eponymous summit, the range’s highest.  This summer Ferda and I planned to traverse the range from the Black Sea side to … Continue reading

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Auto-touring to a couple yayla in Rize

The Kaçkar Mountains!  A great escape from Antalya’s summertime heat.  This summer Ferda and I signed up with one of Rize’s hiking clubs, KDRK, for their casual six-day trekking trip.  But first we arrived in Rize early with a couple … Continue reading

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Cycling the Eastern Black Sea Mountains

Doğu Karadeniz Dağları.  The Eastern Black Sea Mountains.  Spectacular.  Unbelievable.  In order to get my mind around the magnitude and magnificence of these mountains I try to compare them to other places I’ve been.  Maybe Kaua’i.  The climb up Waimea … Continue reading

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