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Bicycle touring Antalya: Narpızlı, Saklıkent, Dereköy, Kökez, Kar Çukuru, Feslikan

No one will look at these photos and say, “wow, what a beautiful route.” It satisfied two of our important criteria — close to Antalya and high (in a failed attempt to get away from the heat). In mid-August Özgür, … Continue reading

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A one day ride up to Saklıkent and Kar Çukuru Yaylası

There are a number of one-day big elevation rides possible from Antalya.  A couple years ago in November I rode up to the summit of Sarı Çınar at 1800m.  That’s the summit visible from Antalya with the huge radio antenna … Continue reading

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Crampon practice on Alabelen

Ferda wanted to get out and try using crampons for the first time.  Cemalettin and I thought Alabelen would be a good mountain for a little practice.  It’s easy, short, not-too-steep, and had enough snow (at least up high) at … Continue reading

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Sunrise on Tunç

I’ve written about Tunç before.  It’s the biggest most impressive mountain that we can see from Antalya.  It’s also a rather easy climb though the drive to the start takes a good hour.  It would be quite a feat to … Continue reading

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Spring weekend at Tunç Dağı and Güver Uçurumu

With Turkish class keeping me more than busy and a bit cooped up during the week, I’m starting to take advantage of the weekends to get out.  Climbing and biking seems like a good combination though I haven’t combined the … Continue reading

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