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Roman ruins bicycle touring: Tynada, Tymbriada (kutsal alanı), Antiochea (Psidia)

Continuing where we left off at Kuzukulağı Yaylası, Ahmet and I headed down to the Köprü Çayı (again). With the villages of Yanık, Fındık, Samanlık, İbişler, Pınargözü, and Karacahisar one after another in the pretty river valley, we were optimistic … Continue reading

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A walk up Dedegöl Dağı in the winter

This was my first trip to Dedegöl Dağı.  It’s in a slightly remote area of Isparta between Aksu and Yenişarbademli, between the big lakes of Beyşehir and Eğirdir.  Özgür had been to Dedegöl before in the summer (or spring?) to … Continue reading

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Two bike rides from Antalya: Kurşun Şelalesi via Aksu and Karain Mağarası

In the spring I did a couple fun bicycle rides (day trips from Antalya) with Nurullah and Nurhayat.  The first ride took us to a two waterfalls, an old Roman city, and a restored Ottoman-era mosque.  The second took us … Continue reading

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